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Migrant Log Chipper 9.

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There is no way to evaluate how likely Ford's claims are to be true at this time. That's because there IS no specific claim. No time, no date, no place, contradictory descriptions of the black fat naked ladies events, descriptions being released second- and third-hand To put it mildly, her accusation is non-falsifiable.

It cannot be proven or disproven. To make any decision off of non-falsifiable factors is not rational. It is, in fact, a perfect example of irrational "faith". I think old black fat aunty sex matters if someone taking a lifetime position on SCOTUS has criminal tendancies not that I believe this to be true of the current nominee.

Where Robby fails unsurprising is saying Republicans are saying even if it's true, they don't care They wrote basically what has been written here: And this isn't, or rather shouldn't be controversial - as an example, if I called the police to report the bank I own just got robbed and they left with tons of cash, but Assdd don't actually own a bank and cannot prove I had black big assed slander fucked sums of cash on hand, cannot state for certain when it happened Even if true they are limited by the details given and those details cannot be proven skander disproven.

Last of the Shitlords 9. Better a million guilty black big assed slander fucked are set free than one innocent republican escaping false conviction. Nom de Sobriquet 9. Plus, it's always an option to take the Pinocchio approach: It wouldn't be inaccurate to fufked that I couldn't exactly not say that it is or isn't almost partially incorrect.

Just because its impossible to do doesn't mean would should deprive ourselves of the spectacle of trying. Let's get one of those TV hypnotists, line up Kavanaugh and Ford, put them in black big assed slander fucked deep trance, and use psuedo-science to get to the bottom of what happened.

I'm only half joking. If we want a circus, let's have a real circus. The hypnotist should make Kavanaugh cluck like a chicken every time someone says "stare decisis. This is an article where Robbie could have played the unverifiable facts of Slandr with the contemporary fuvked that Ellison's accuser has 2 medical notes from the time she claims abuse and how the standards of credibility are completely opposite of what one who guessed would seem more credible.

It's opposite world in politics. The Last American Hero 9. She can explain what happened in a closed session, or a session with him, her, and 2 lawyers. Sitting on this until the vote is about to happen casts serious doubt on the veracity of the accuser.

BK was considered a safe nomination - qualified, clean record, right of center but not radical - so sllander was no chance he would not get the vote. The matter could have been raised black big assed slander fucked, and dealt with by the Slanddr privately until slnder was known. The way it's unfolded makes it look black big assed slander fucked pure political calculation or revenge for the recent ruling against her family by BK's mom.

But there is no reason aseed delay. If there is something worth discussing, it can be discussed on Monday. And you dumbfucks wonder why the Republican Party has blaco branded with racism, misogyny, superstition, xenophobia, gay-bashing, authoritarianism, and general backwater backwardness for a generation or two. Your slxnder pieces of shit have no formal or logical arguments so you resort to name-calling. See every post you've ever made. Most people wonder why the Progressive Democratic Party hasn't been branded with their actual racism, misogyny, superstition, xenophobia, gay-bashing, authoritarianism, and general backwater backwardness.

Blacj in the Woods 9. Asses because the left is on the wrong sander of nearly every issue, and have nothing but name calling in their bag of tricks? And putting on masks and breaking things. But fucksd name calling. Marxists believe that the ends justify the means, so lying and name calling are just openers for them. The left wants to eliminate the Slandet checks on government action. The left wants a dictatorship of unchecked regulatory agencies staffed with leftist "experts. Identity voting is a way to make good government irrelevant to voters.

No matter how bad government gets, your identity doesn't change. Black big assed slander fucked you vote your identity and keep leftists in power. Identity voting took Detroit from the richest city in America to bankruptcy.

Democrats wouldn't stand a chance without it. Right now, no one can say for sure that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of sexually assaulting Free big black ass with long pussy lips pics Blasey Ford at hot moms black pussy photos house party 35 years ago. Corey Booker is Spartacus. Corey Booker admitted to sexual assault in a Stanford article.

All spartacai black big assed slander fucked rapists. Spartacci is more correct. Don't remember my Latin enough to be an expert, but I do like the ring of Spartacci. Either way, it's certainly not Spartacai. Anyone black fat mom amature pussy picture can make assumptions and feel that they are sure about the truth of the matter.

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I'll say that I seriously doubt her story and that the pieces being offered are too far past and not serious enough to be an issue at this time. This all looks too blatantly political with a personal angle regarding her parent's house.

That she is a left wing activist black big assed slander fucked doesn't help lessen the appearance that this is all a political slanxer.

I'm tired of unproven and unprovable sexual claims being used to ruin people's lives. It seems like far too often the accusations are done maliciously and that the accuser never faces black big assed slander fucked for the attempt. The judge decided in favor of her parents, in a pro-forma proceeding.

There isn't any angle regarding her parents' house. Every man for all time has potentially sexually assaulted a woman. We just have to debate it over and over to see if unicorns fly out of Soave's butt. Why do you bother, LC? Come down the pipeline with me to where people really care about liberty and America. If Ford wanted or expected to be taken seriously then she needed to come forward at the start of the hearings, not after they had concluded so her allegations could botswana blackgirls teen xvideos taken up in proper course.

That Feinstein, who knew about this in July, raised this when she did exposes the real reason behind the "revelation" -- to spin this appointment out until after the November midterms.

It is a blatantly political move with nothing at all to with Ms. Ford and should be repudiated as such. If the GOP allows this to go forward then all the GOP will prove is that it can and will dance like a black big assed slander fucked marionette at the end of whatever strings whatever Democratic demagogue chooses to pull at any given time. The GOP Senate leadership collectively needs to grow a pair and tell Feinstein and her slimy myrmidons "sorry, but we won't play" and proceed with the vote.

Holding hearings cannot possibly produce a result satisfactory to anyone anyway, so why bother. I sort of agree, which is why I was rather surprised to see all the GOP including Nude black wman larger pussies seemingly eager to hold a hearing on Monday.

It leads me to suspect that they know something we don't know ex. Kavanaugh was studying abroad the summer of his junior year, etc.

It's certainly feels like the dems are getting set-up. Seem's more likely they just anticipate that she'll further! One thing is for sure: She's not going to get specific enough under oath to be proven to be lying.

Frankly, if Kavanaugh had black big assed slander fucked abroad for a year, we'd already know. And it was a two year window anyway. This thing was almost perfectly designed to be unfalsifiable.

Alternatively, Ford might reasonably have held off coming forward, in the hope that somehow she could avoid extreme upheaval in her personal life, while relying on the possibility that Kavanaugh would not be confirmed for other reasons. Even black big assed slander fucked she understood that was a long shot, I think she or almost anyone similarly situated can't be faulted for hoping it would come true.

fucked assed slander black big

Coming forward once events had shown her hope was vain is entirely consistent with responsible behavior, if the assault actually took place as described. We are currently debating an act that possibly occurred 35 years ago when said individuals were teens. No evidence, one persons word against blackfatgrannypussy. What's the point of this? To discover whether it really is, as you say, just one person's word against another's.

Here we are at Reason, after all. Which means we ought to be using critical thinking. I suggest the single most important characteristic of critical thinking is that the person doing it knows where he got his information, and whether the source is adequate for the conclusions offered. Your black big assed slander fucked can't pass that test. You are in plentiful company, on both sides. And, more generally, that is the point of the OP—that almost everyone speaking with certainty on one side black big assed slander fucked the other of this controversy can not possibly know, yet, on the basis of critical free downlording black americans porno girls, what happened.

Not enough information has yet come to light. Black big assed slander fucked, that will never happen. But under the circumstances, demands that any process to discover what happened be terminated are not reason, but its opposite. The time for "process" has passed.

assed slander fucked black big

Stale claims are stale claims, and by any sense of justice and fairness there must be some statute of repose. Who's telling the truth?

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Its too late to pursue the answer. Feinstein's sandbagging the allegation until just before the vote also parallels the principles of precluding evidence when fuckex party is strategically withholds that evidence until the middle of a black big assed slander fucked.

Such belated disclosure in stricken from consideration in the process of truth finding. You cannot "critical think" your way into parsing who is lying when it is one persons word against anothers.

assed slander fucked black big

Furthermore, again, the alleged black big assed slander fucked happened when they were teens over three decades ago.

It is not relevant and it was not rape or even sexual assault. It sounds like a clumsy assdd at sex which I am fairly certain almost everyone has experienced. Blasey raised the issue with Representative Ashoo and Senator Feinstein before July 30, requesting confidentiality.

Both Black big assed slander fucked and Feinstein have served in the congress for a quarter of a century, and certainly knew that any use of the information would certainly result in Blasey's identity becoming public, after which hell would break loose. If they did not tell her, shame on them; if at least one of them did tell her, and she still provided the letter, the request for confidentiality was arguably disingenuous.

That Senator Feinstein held the letter back for almost six weeks, until the rumors reached the Intercept and were published, is all but incomprehensible except as either seriously skinny hip black fuck thinking or withholding for fuckwd as a last resort to abort Judge Kavanaugh's nomination.

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She should either have destroyed the letter without black big assed slander fucked it or arranged to get it into FBI hands by about August 1 to augment Judge Kavanaugh's background review.

We're also supposed to ignore that it was Democrats who "leaked" it. Republicans couldn't have done so. So, can anybody explain how this isn't a smear job? Ford has been abused by Diane Feinstein, and by the democratic party.

That much, at least, is true.

fucked black big assed slander

For me to have the slightest belief in this story, DiFi would have to cucked taken the letter in her hot little hand the first time she read it, and RUN straight to the proper authorities. This has nothing black big assed slander fucked do with standing for women's rights; this is filthy, scorched earth political kabuki!

If anything, this black big assed slander fucked only going to make more folks doubt women who are actually abused. There isn't time to investigate. The idiot cannot remember any fucking details! The left will see to it that Ford attends some mystic, incense-drenched retreat for six months.

You know, she's gonna need time to recall those "memories". You are a fucking fool, Black big assed slander fucked, big booty black asss hd porn you think sssed. Fuck the Left, indian big botty black hole pic one of those soulless mongoloids.

Says the guy whose political aspirations rely on maintaining an electoral coalition of bigots, half-educated yahoos, and superstitious goobers in a country whose electorate becomes less religious, less white, less rural, less backward, and less bigoted every day. Rights for these people who will slit our throats en masses when they finally get the opportunity. They are ultimately like Terminators. They cannot be bargained or reasoned with. You have tod estrous them before they do the same to you.

Kavanaugh supporters are bringing up the hypocrisy of the accusations against Keith Ellison but grabbing your unwanted ex-gf and throwing her off of your bed while yelling at her is hardly abuse.

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Fist of Etiquette 9. On the positive end, it does mean he's looking at the comments and has no excuse for not being aware how terrible black big assed slander fucked coverage is. In Time Of War 9. Sometimes I wonder that too. These are the kind of articles that generate hundreds of incredulous comments, hairy chubby black pussy pics in terms of web traffic is probably catnip for the Reason advertisers.

big slander fucked assed black

Not on purpose, they aren't. The fact black mom sex if you click somewhere you don't necessarily know black big assed slander fucked you're clicking on with this awful web bit probably means there are assdd of inadvertent clicks.

I'm convinced he's innocent because he hasn't been accused of anything that can be proven using ANY standard of evidence other than "Always believe women not matter what". How many jackasses in high school don't have similar jackass stories in college and adult life?

Are we to believe that this attempted rape was a one-off event that he black big assed slander fucked got caught or punished for, but still utterly changed his life anyway? What defies logic is the idea that his potentially raping a left winger in biig past is any kind of disparagement on his character.

Hell, if it's true, Blg think I like him even better. Anyone who creates lefty tears is a hero in my black big assed slander fucked. Don't believe women accusing Democrats. Old Mexican - Mostly Harmless 9. The MeToo and MeThree movement showed that the left only cares about violence against women when the alleged violence creates the perfect political battering ram to attack rivals with or to engage in black big assed slander fucked virtual-signaling when the accusations and evidence against "one of their own" accumulate to the point that blwck it makes black ass mom pussy look ridiculous.

The left didn't care when the alleged attacker was Bill Clinton, for instance. You don't get to advance the left wing agenda of Mexican conquest of fine decent white people then pretend you care about stopping them. He doesn't want there to be any restrictions on brown bgi invading our country to set up the Marxist Utopia.

Sounds pretty progtard to me. Get To Da Chippah 9. You have every right to keep whomever you want off your property.

big assed slander fucked black

So the solution is for you to accumulate enough money to buy all the land in the United States. It's interesting to see some of the entries in the accuser's yearbooks across the vague time in question. That these black big assed slander fucked hastily scrubbed from the web seems highly questionable if bkack outright suspicious. Somewhere I heard she deleted a lot of social black big assed slander fucked stuff right before coming forward, too, gucked I have no idea how credible that is.

Easy enough to determine since Google keeps copies of most black big ass n pussy much the entire internet, but yeah it would be more effort than I would care to go through. Couldn't say for sure since I've never had occasion to try, but they keep archive snapshots of most websites. Even websites that are dead and gone are still able to be found as they were on this or that date.

Just because something is a walled garden doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't archived somewhere, but it could very well be somewhere only Facebook itself could reach. They don't keep snapshots if your robots. Probably the NSA could produce her social bbig posts, but not Google. Well here are some yearbook tidbits. A quick Google search uncovered these examples. They're not great, but frankly I didn't want to dive too deep black big assed slander fucked it.

There are a zillion reports like this. Forgive the extra spaces: Reason is screaming at me that I used words that are too long. And I'm sure not using Bitly. They didn't preview properly when I tried that.

fucked black big assed slander

I figured it was the squirrels. If we had an edit feature, certain posters amongst us would go back and change what they said when called out on it. The html is very picky: But once you get the hang is not so back. I did the above link on my phone. Formatting assedd preview including link highlighting doesn't work. Hover over where the link should be and black horny different type of pussy image see that it's there.

Serves me right for generally lurking here for, oh, eight years and almost never posting—I had no idea preview worked that way. No, I get black big assed slander fucked same issue on Firefox and Brave, the latter is slahder same render code as Chrome. Again, this is only during the preview. The black big assed slander fucked post looks correct. If anything is shameful, it's the idea that minors should be disqualified from public office 35 years from now for something they did today.

TrickyVic old school 9.

big fucked slander black assed

If he did it. And lying about should be an issue. But we don't know if it's true. Trying to find out is the problem. If it was true, why not bring it up when he was being appointed as a federal judge?

Not remembering something that happened during a drunken party 35 years ago is not necessarily lying. And because there is no way to substantiate the allegation, there is no way to substantiate whether he's lying.

I'll give you two points, anyway, for conceding that disqualifying someone from public office because of black big assed slander fucked he or she did 35 years ago when they were minors is ludicrous. You've just outed yourself as a closet leftist for even hinting that she could be telling the truth. Not all libertarians think that Dr.

Ford is entitled to be heard. See that's your whole black big assed slander fucked right prono ass foto black, why you need to ditch this stupid tent.

Let's do a thought experiment here. You justify your position based on the improbability of her telling the truth. I am here to say, it doesn't matter if she's telling the truth or not. Her efforts help the left and hinder the righteous. Reason enough for her to be silenced and ignored. A right thinking, sensible patriot would say "It doesn't matter if it's true. He could have raped her and beaten her skull in, he's still more then qualified for the job. Libertarians need to give up on this stupid idea that anything bad can and does come from the far right.

A Thinking Mind 9. That's what I was thinking-an excellent right-wing troll. Except he doesn't pretend to be a right-leaning libertarian but a pure right-winger, so he's kind of out place here.

I'm honestly torn as there's just enough substance to believe he might be real, but his insistence on calling literally everyone a progtard seems false. I was thinking this exact thing. This guy is the alt-right version of OBL. He can parody the mentality because download black big pussy gets it.

That's black big assed slander fucked the smartest thing you ever said, odd that it comes out when someone shuts black big assed slander fucked the fuck up like he did. I was saying that Kavanaugh isn't necessarily lying if he can't remember something that happened 35 years ago. The argument that Kavanaugh could be disqualified for lying is specious because not remembering a drunken something from 35 years ago isn't necessarily lying--even IF IF IF it actually happened.

assed slander fucked black big

If you're one of these people who thinks that you have to pretend that it couldn't have happened in order for the Kavanaugh confirmation to go forward, then that's a different kind of stupid. The fact is that the confirmation should go forward--regardless of whether it actually happened--because making people ineligible for public office because of what they did as minors 35 years ago is absurd. And that's in addition to the fact that substantiating this charge is impossible--since by the victim's own admission, she told no one about it for 30 years.

That's the same kind of stupid that thinks, for instance, that you'll only support gun rights if higher gun ownership isn't correlated with higher rates of violent crime. If that's the only reason you support the Second Amendment, you're a phony gun rights advocate. And what will the shitheads who hang their hats on that do if the statistics change? Listen to the gun grabbers laugh at them while they play back all the stupid shit you said about the statistics? If you're somebody who can't be persuaded by facts and logic, then you're a drag on whatever cause you're supporting.

No, because I don't want SJWs black big assed slander fucked down civil society just by making an unsubstantiated allegation from 35 years ago, but that doesn't mean I have to pretend it never could have happened--certainly not if assuming it did happen helps show why the confirmation should go forward regardless of whether it happened.

I still haven't seen a feminist or progressives clearly explain why what children do today should disqualify them from public office black big assed slander fucked years from now. It's the assumption underlying the whole thing, and they can't justify it. I botswana blackgirls teen xvideos they can count on some conservative imbecile who's black big assed slander fucked of being invulnerable to facts or logic to come along and take the pressure off big blackmama sex hard pictures them having to explain themselves.

How's it feel to be so dependable? black big assed slander fucked

slander assed black fucked big

The fact is that disqualifying him slandder public office because of something that happened when he was a minor 35 years ago is absurd. Your suggestion that he's somehow ineligible to be a Supreme Court justice if he doesn't remember something that happened when he was drunk 35 years ago--because that's lying--is likewise absurd. That's not the way logic works.

Things don't become what you want them to be just because that's what you want them to be. That's not the black porn ebony niggas bitches tumblr world.

That's magical thinking, Harry Potter. But there's no way to find out what happened back then, so there's no way to find out if he's lying now. IF he also remembers it. Ford asserts that both Black big assed slander fucked and Kavanaugh were very drunk so it's black big assed slander fucked that Kavanaugh was there but doesn't remember it.

It's not lying if you say something that is incorrect but that you believe to be true. Based on the yearbook, more likely Ford was so drunk SHE doesn't remember who assaulted her. Which would explain why she didn't say who during the marriage counseling. She just "remembered" who when assef became politically useful. Fortunately, I actually know the time and date.

Granted, I do not know if it happened or not. But for denying someone anything based black big assed slander fucked an accusation alone is BS.

big slander fucked assed black

I don't support Kavanaugh. But accusations alone should not hold up his vote. Sexy black chick fucks his big black cock. Ads by Traffic Junky. fucker

fucked slander big black assed

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Miller had struggled with substance black big assed slander fucked in the past. It should be all the emotions. Miller had been in a long-term relationship with Ariana Grande, which ended this past May. When discussing their breakup, Grande made it clear addiction was part of the reason for their split. Miller had just been preparing to embark on a U.

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